Monday, May 3, 2010


 I was doing the dishes at home one evening when James walked into the house. There was a pile of dirty greasy plates in the sink and I had to wash every single one of them before going to bed, they had been there all day and more plates were added in the evening when Janelle entertained her friends.
“Hey you” James said and I turned around to look at him. He smiled at me. Every time he smiles at me, it warms my heart.
‘Hey” I responded.
‘That’s a plate too many for you to wash” he told me looking in the sink.
“Miss Cece won’t like to see all these plates in the sink and I have to do the dishes before going to bed.
“You have been working hard all day at the shop, Janelle could have done the dishes.” he said.
“You know how Janelle is, don’t worry about the dishes, I will wash them.” I responded.
“Janelle” he called out as he walked away from me into the living room. I could sense trouble. Janelle was upstairs talking on the phone to her boyfriend. He went upstairs still calling Janelle. Next thing I heard Janelle’s door open and she came out
“What do you want James and why are you yelling out my name like that?” I heard her ask her brother.
“Why didn’t you do the dishes, you left them for Gina to do.” he told her. I turned off the tap so I could hear what the were saying more clearly, I actually wanted to hear her response to what he had to say.
‘Is that why you were yelling my name like that?” she asked him.
“Janelle, you need to go downstairs and do the dishes, right now at least help.” James told her.
“What’s Gina there for?” she replied.
“She is here to assist mom and live with us not as a domestic maid and your personal one at that and if you have nothing else to say, I would  like to go back to my room to continue my conversation with my friend.” she told him and next thing I heard her scream, I ran out of the kitchen, I saw him wrap his hands around her neck and she looked at him in horror. I ran up the stairs.
‘Please, stop this, don’t fight” I told him as she screamed even louder.
“Let me punch the crap out of her, she is always disrespectful” he replied as he tightened his grip. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled him away and his weight made me fall, Janelle quickly scrambled to her feet and he pulled her legs and dragged her on the floor. I stood up, and tried to pull him again, I didn’t want Miss Cece to walk in and meet this scene, it would be horrible and I think I thought too quickly because right then the door opened and Miss Cece walked in.

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